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"They have a great attitude and presence on stage. Each and every one of the band members is so different and they take full advantage of that.​"

“The music fits to the 1000 faces of Aliki.”
“...authentic and refreshing...”
“...energetic and entertaining...”

– The Moshville Times
– Metal On Loud
Based in London, UK and Leiden, NL
Founded in 2016
Genre: #Metal #Extrememetal 
Label: unsigned
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Eight Lives Down are
Aliki Katriou – Vocals
Paul Allain – Guitar
Rodrigo Moraes Cruz - Drums
Marcin Orczyk - Bass
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Eight Lives Down are a 4-piece extreme metal band, founded by Greek-Kiwi vocalist and lyricist Aliki Katriou. Originally formed in 2016 with British guitarist James Scott, bassist Marcin Orczyk from Poland, and Brazilian drummer Rodrigo Moraes Cruz, they released their first EP entitled "May Cause Death" in the same year. In 2017, Scott left the band and French guitarist Paul Allain joined in his place.
The band has its roots in groove and thrash metal but constantly branches out stylistically incorporating influences from prog-, death-, and black metal, as well as various other musical genres such as punk, blues, and traditional folk music. The vocals range from low growls and high screams to clean and even operatic phrases. All of this creates a truly unique sound - unmistakably heavy and angry, yet refreshingly different and unpredictable. Eight Lives Down, particularly Aliki Katriou, are known for their energetic live performances.
2019 saw Eight Lives Down playing shows in and around London, as well as in Germany and the Netherlands, reaching the semi-finals of Metal2TheMasses London, as well as the finals of the Female Metal Event - FemME battles. 
The band is currently preparing for an even more active year in 2020. Gigs are already set up, amongst others, in Switzerland, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. In March, Eight Lives Down opened for legendary Norwegian black metal act Ancient at their exclusive UK show in London. 2020 will also see the much anticipated release of their debut album, which will be released by the renowned extreme metal label Cult of Parthenope, to which they signed recently. 
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Cult Of Parthenope
Tobias Preuten
Tobias Preuten
Tobias Preuten
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